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Throughout my life, I have always believed in a Higher Power.  As a child, I went to Sunday school, got baptized young and then in my 20s – went through confirmation to join the Episcopal Church. As I got older I went to church sporadically, but I always felt that I was a believer.  However, […]

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Good morning to all !   As you might know, I am a great fan of author/poet – Mark Nepo.  His writing enlightens my heart to the everyday passing of life and makes me take notice of the ordinary things, people, events so that I take nothing for granted on my Journey.    This week […]

Live in the Moment

Do you ever catch yourself anxious about the future or depressed about the past ?   It seems that we spend much of our life worrying about these periods of time and it robs us of the peace we have a chance to have each and every day. There is a great quote by A.J. Cronin […]

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